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New Feature: Builds Using Xctool Instead of Jenkins Xcode Plugin

As some of you may have noticed – all of the newly created / updated projects on Hosted CI use xctool with custom shell scripts in build process, instead of relying on Xcode plugin for Jenkins as before.

There are several important reasons for this change:

  • Jenkins plugin is inflexible and hard to make changes to. One has to edit Java code, recompile .jpi file, deploy it to Jenkins and then restart Jenkins to make any change to the build commands used. With our own shell scripts and xctool it is just a matter of editing shell script file.
  • Jenkins plugin relies on using xcodebuild which produces hard to decipher output that is full of garbage. xctool has much cleaner output.
  • xctool makes running tests easier and even allows potential to parallelize logic tests.
  • xctool has configurable reporters which allow to parse and analyze results easier at later stages of build process

xctool screenshot

I hope that everyone benefits from this change. If you have any questions / comments don’t hesitate to contact us at